Life is not a spectator sport!

'Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere' - Albert Einstein

'Asking for help isn't giving up, it's refusing to give up' - Charles Mackesy 

'People are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be' - Abraham Lincoln

'Never overestimate what you can do in one day, never underestimate what you can achieve in a lifetime' - Graham Smith

'Success is entirely accessible, even if you happen to be a screw up 95% of the time' - Scott Adams

'It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure but just ain't so' - Mark Twain

'A diamond is a carbon based life form that reacted well to pressure' - Graham Smith

'The best way to predict the future is to create it' - Abraham Lincoln




Imagine yourself a few weeks from now celebrating a special event, the achievement of a goal that had previously had been merely a dream! A new job, a new skill, romance, true love maybe? How did you do it? What made it happen?


You did it but you needed someone to help you release your latent ability to succeed. Professional coaching does that. It will change your life permanently and for the better.


Go to any book shop and there will be a bargain bin full of self- help books. Books on self-improvement consistently figure in the best seller charts, book stands at airports the world over are full of them. Busy executives travel the world searching for the latest fad, an easy answer, or a short cut to success. There are plenty of people who can tell you how they did it but what worked for them may not work for you.

To guarantee success you need a coach who will treat you as an individual, to bring out the best in you. Mycroft Coaching does just that and we have a number of innovative programmes and proven techniques to improve your life or to enhance your business or sporting performance.


Every one of our programmes will give you clarity of purpose and build commitment leading to rock solid achievement. Use the navigation panel on the left to experience the depth and breadth of our coaching now.


Mycroft Group Philosophy


We work with you to broaden your horizons, enhance your perceptions, develop your skills and improve your performance. In a nutshell, we bring out the best that is already in you! Your success is our success and all of our clients enjoy our complete commitment and confidentiality


Who was Mycroft?


Sherlock Holmes was the world's greatest (fictional) detective but even he needed help to solve the most puzzling crimes. That help came from his older brother and mentor Mycroft Holmes. In short, even a genius needs help every now and then.


Who was Mentor?


When Odysseus went off to Troy he turned to his trusted colleague, Mentor and told him to look after his son, Telemachus, 'Teach him all you know,' he commanded. Thus, Mentor entered Greek mythology and the lexicon of personal development.


What is Coaching and Mentoring?


Training is a predominantly passive and reactive experience listening or watching as someone imparts some knowledge or passes on some skills. Whereas coaching is an intensely interactive experience requiring a high degree of motivation, dedication, and professionalism. Mentoring builds on the coaching experience and moves it from a short term, transactional basis into a much longer term and wider ranging relationship


At Mycroft Coaching and Mentoring you will develop insights and your learning will become deeply embedded- with potential lifelong benefits. We have no preconceptions and we want only what is best for you. You will be challenged, stretched and taken to new heights. It requires commitment that is amply rewarded with results.


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