Business Mentoring

Get up early, work hard, and strike oil'- Rockefeller


''The situation is hopeless, but not serious' - Paul Watzlawick


'Business education without execution is just entertainment' - Anon


'Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm' - Sir Winston Churchill


You are the boss of a growing business and you have people working for you. Who can you turn to for sound advice? The bank manager? Your accountant? A consultant? Your own spouse maybe? Who among your friends can be truly objective ? Who can put you ahead of all other considerations?

Mycroft Mentoring has expertise in establishing new businesses and in growing small businesses into plc's. Whatever your developmental stage, we can help.This is not just text book learning, this is real life, sharp end business experience from someone who's been there, done it, and got the T-shirt! 

                  Top 5 Reasons for Business Mentoring And Coaching 

 1.  A fresh perspective on personal challenges and opportunities associated with expanding their company

2.  To address time-sensitive challenges or opportunities and accelerate results

3.  To increase personal effectiveness i.e. decision making skills

4.  To fill a gap in knowledge/experience/skills

5.  To provide clarity in their life and within their own company

 Now is always the best time to take control. For free, confidential, no obligation advice contact us now on Tel: 01494-671302 or email