Career Coaching

Work is life and, without it, there is only fear and insecurity' - John Lennon


‘Don't be limited by what other people have failed to accomplish’ - Graham Smith

‘The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation’ - Mark Twain

‘You are never ready for success but you can be prepared' - Graham Smith


Ask someone why they work and the glib answer almost always comes back to money. If this were true we would all be driving a dynamite lorry or robbing banks!

 The fact is that your career choice is much more complex and it is your inner values and beliefs that guide you down a particular path. Sometimes the original reasons for choosing a career may no longer exist and you become discontent and unhappy. 

Everyone has a core life purpose and your career should utilise your talents and skills to express your life purpose. Your life purpose evolves and changes over time and it is important that your career keeps track so that you can support your lifestyle while being happy at work. The secret is to identify what are your driving values and beliefs, think about why you chose a job and not just what you are currently good at doing.

Top 5 Reasons for Career Coaching

 1. Redundancy, Restructuring or de-layering
2.  Significant lifestyle change- divorce, house move, starting a family, ‘empty nesting’
3.  Consistently under performing at work
4.  MLC- Mid-Life Crisis
5.  Your job just doesn’t cut it anymore- your get up and go just got and left!

The traditional view was that you had a job for life and you were grateful. Over time that has evolved into the view that it is possible to have 3 or 4 career changes in a lifetime.  ’Baby Boomers’ born between1946-64 have put an onus on personal learning and development; ‘Generation X’ born between1965-80 have focussed on self-direction; and ‘Generation Y’ born since 1998 to the present day have switched it all around, they fit work into life!

 You are no longer limited by what you have done before because, typically, only 33% of job specifications are industry or domain specific while 67 % of required abilities are transferable ‘soft’ or emotional skill. That means that at any one time you are over 50% towards a career change! 

 Mycroft CareerCoach will give you a new perspective, a quantum shift in your expectations. You will experience enhanced self-awareness and greater control over your career. We will guide you through the troubled waters of seeking new challenges and a potential career change and set you on course with clarity of purpose and improved quality of life    


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