Case Studies and Testimonials

'Intelligence is the pursuit of goals in the face of obstacles'- Steven Pinker

'Conceive, believe, achieve'- Zig Ziglar

'There are many ways to fail but only one way is guaranteed- do nothing!' - Graham Smith

'Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work' - Thomas Edison

'Be like the man who said I can and I will.....and he did but he got 6 months for it!' - Ken Dodd



My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning,and yet I'm happy. What am I doing right? - Charles M Schultz


'The human race does not have a very good record of intelligent behaviour.' - Stephen Hawking



If life is a struggle, think about ice skating. When it's done right it looks easy. Everything looks easy when it's done right. Maybe you need to change things and make life easier for yourself?


It takes a lot of hard work to get things wrong consistently. Do it right and do it easy. Get in touch, it won't hurt-I promise!


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Although for both personal and commercial reasons, we do not put them on the website. Contact us for details. However, you may be interested in the reprint below which appeared in Chic Chat lifestyle magazine on the similar subject. The names have been changed but the case details are real.

Key messages are coaching is for everyone and labels like success or failure are not appropriate. Further, a small change in attitude or behaviour can reap immense benefits

Reprint from Chic Chat  magazine         

                      Case Studies and Testimonials

Such was the response to our recent competition on life coaching that we decided to follow it up with some case studies taken from the files of a leading coach in the field. We asked Graham Smith from Mycroft Group for his contribution.

Life coaching? Who needs life coaching? By the way, what is it?

I used to be asked these questions quite a lot but, thankfully, life coaching is now much more widely understood. It is common practice for men and women of all ages to retain a coach to get them through some of life’s difficulties or to get them started in a new direction.

For one thing, it no longer has any stigma attached to it. Think about it in the context of sports coaching which, in some respects, is where it originated. Coaching is not for losers or for people who cannot cope, it is for successful people who just want to get even better.

Don’t believe me? Ask Tiger Woods. His coach has only got to improve his game by 1 stroke over a 4 day tournament and he wins the big prize. As they say, it is the little differences that make the big differences.

The same thing applies in life or business coaching. One other point to bear in mind, coaching is all about changing behaviour, taking action, and positively affecting the future. The onus is on the client taking responsibility and action, a cosy fireside chat or an extended course of therapy stretching over many years it ain’t! Coaching is for winners not losers and is measured in terms of weeks and months.       

Here are two of my recent clients, for confidentiality, names have been changed.


Naomi is a very successful businesswoman in her mid forties. She is a very attractive divorcee with two young children. N is one of those women able to command attention in any social situation. She has always been a self- starter and cut herself out a career in the demanding world of sales and marketing. N also enjoyed an active and varied social life.

Why would N need a coach you ask? In her words, ‘You helped me take back control of my life. I was on a treadmill at work and increasingly, I felt that I was at the beck and call of friends and family alike. I had no ‘me’ time and I was near physical and emotional collapse’ If I hadn’t had coaching I would probably have imploded. Now, I am in control and back on top’.

What did we do together? N discovered there is a big difference between selfishness and self-interest. She was spreading herself too thin, disappointing people, and not looking after herself. That is unsustainable and always ends in tears. Over the course of a couple of months we reversed that trend and put her life back into balance. As N said ‘Now I am back on top, in control and enjoying every waking moment.’  


Tom was a single man in his early forties, thoroughly enjoying his own freedom. He had travelled the world extensively and worked for many years in the USA.

A gregarious and outgoing individual, T is comfortable in the company of both men and women and not afraid to meet the challenges of life head on. He had a succession of girlfriends and a very varied career that had taken him all around the world. With his own house, no debts, and money in the bank his life sounds great doesn’t it?   

Then suddenly, a family bereavement forced him to take stock of his life. ‘All that I have achieved no longer seemed relevant,’ said T. What had previously been the life he had always wanted had turned to ashes in his mouth.

 What did we do together? We went back to basics. All of our behaviour is driven by our values, uncover our driving values and we can construct a happy healthy life that satisfies them. The big lesson for T was that regrets over the past are pointless. What he did in the past was good for him in the past; it worked for him then but wasn’t working for him now.

We put that into perspective and worked on a lifestyle that better suited his values and ambitions for the future, positively and without regret or remorse. T was able to see that his hopes and dreams could be accommodated in a changed lifestyle without compromising his essential character, no pain, only gain.

‘ I’m settled back in the UK and developing my hobby as a photographer into a new career,’ said T. ‘ I feel good about myself and am ready to commit to a long term relationship-for keeps this time.’

‘Warning - All coaches are
NOT created equal!
Working with Graham has allowed me to really take stock of my life and address the fundamental issues affecting both me and my key relationships. I came to Graham with an open mind and a real determination for positive change.
It was not always easy - for either Graham or myself - but our continued efforts are really beginning to pay off! For the first time in more than 5 years I have a drive and contentment that permeates all aspects of my life. I am not "there" yet - but I certainly know where "there" is!
Each new step - however painful - is warmly welcomed as it takes me closer to my goal. Graham's personality, combined with his obvious passion for his work, allowed him play several key roles - coach / mentor / nemesis. Wondering "What would Graham say?" certainly prompts me to be a little bit more rigorous every day!
I would willingly recommend Graham's work.'

Why did coaching work for them? Simple, they took responsibility and action. They were strong enough to know they needed a little help. Sometimes a little help is all we need.

Each one of us has the answer within us. A coach only succeeds if his client succeeds. My job is to help you realise your full potential- I’ve got the best job in the world.  

 Graham Smith

 Lifestyle and Performance Coach