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‘Performance = Potential – Interference’ – Tim Gallwey

'You can observe a lot by just watching' - Yogi Berra

'Get out of your way!' - Layton Park

'Act as if you just can't fail' - Graham Smith

'An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.' - Orlando Battista



Winning is important but so is improving your skill and enjoying your game. 

                          Top 3 Reasons for Sport and Performance Coaching

1.       Loss of form - into a losing streak
2.       Skills plateau - inability to make progress
3.       Just not enjoying it anymore

Whether you are into team sports like rugby, football, and cricket or individual sports like golf or tennis you will always face two opponents. The one you can see standing right in front of you and your Inner Self. 

Tim Gallwey, the acknowledged guru of performance coaching, identified the Inner Self as the main obstacle to success. It is your Inner Self who tells you if you can win or lose, your Inner Self who consistently expresses disappointment and sets limits on your own performance. Your Inner Self who prepares you for victory or defeat. Get your Inner Self working for you and it is two against one! 
Top athletes have their own coach to develop and hone an unbreakable mental attitude of concentration, emotional balance, and determination. Mycroft SportCoach will get you back to winning and enjoying your sport in a programme that will augment your technical skills and physical fitness. 

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