Corporate Culture Alignment

In industry you can only move with the hearts and minds’- Sir John Harvey-Jones‘


'You can't steer a ship that isn't moving' - Anon


'Show me a man with both firmly feet on the ground and I'll show you a man who can't take his trousers off'- Tommy Cooper


''Time spent doing nothing is very rarely wasted' - John Lennon


Why do so many inherently good business strategies fail? What ensures success? The answer is very simple- your staff. Clearly, not all your staff are critical to your success but the Pareto Principle tells us that at least 20% of them will be!! By the way, there is a direct correlation between the way you treat your staff and the way you treat your customers!

 Most companies can devise a winning strategy. Unfortunately, most companies think that this is enough-wrong!  At Mycroft, we work with clients to devise and deliver robust and consistent programmes to bring out the best in every member of staff for the benefit of your customers, staff, and investors. One important lesson is that there is no direct link between pay/conditions and performance, staff performance is all about how you treat them, it is not about you.

Staff engagement is what happens when you are not around. If your company culture and staff are not in alignment with what you are trying to achieve it will all end in tears. By comparison, committed staff will walk through walls to get the job done.

Coaching is not a flash in the pan, quick fix management fad. It is a proven way to align vision and strategy with values and beliefs; it manages tasks to completion while coaching people to achieve their full potential.

                       Top 5 Reasons for Corporate Culture Coaching

 1. In a recent survey only 2% of companies had ‘excellent‘ people management skill.

2.  74% of companies with low morale blamed ineffective line managers

3. On average, people realise barely 40% of their true potential at work.

4.  Talented people need and deserve great managers.

5.  Your competitors may already be doing it

 People at work now demand meaning and purpose to their lives. How do we know?
Well, firstly people have a wide variety of challenging and rewarding interests outside of work. Second, just think about how well people respond to a crisis i.e. above expected performance. Lastly, deep down you know yourself that you could be more productive, don’t you?

Unproductive or unhappy staff are not just working sub-optimally they may even be working against you consciously or subconsciously. What are the road blocks to the realisation your staff’s full potential?

Well, how about restrictive structures and policies; lack of encouragement and opportunity; and the prevailing management style of the company or your immediate boss. For good measure, let’s throw in fear of failure, self-doubt, and general lack of confidence! Makes you wonder how anything gets done, doesn’t it?

Most companies work for 250 days per year and, some may even devote 5 days to individual staff development. How about spending every day achieving more while developing staff every day of the year? What would that do to productivity and costs?

 The competitive power of corporate coaching, focussed on people’s potential not their performance is available now. Contact us now to learn how corporate coaching can give you the edge Tel: 01494-671302 or email